When you Donate

Your donation will be used at 100% toward operating costs. We are a 100% Volunteer, 501 c 3 Nonprofit. That way, we can maximize the positive effect of every donation.

For your convenience, donating to Acts 6 is easy, use a credit card today, donate on a Thursday in our donation box next to the bread table or you can mail your donation to:                                                                                                                 589 South 200 East, Brigham City, UT 84302.

We truly appreciate any and all financial support!


Thank you Skidmore Transportation and STS Truck Wash & Chrome Shop for your Generous Donation. Thank you for making a dent in hunger.

Thank you Healthy Hive

Generous donation of her winnings

Chrisman Foundation

Thank you for you Generous Donation and helping in the fight against food insecurity.

Thank you Facebook Donors

Thank you First Community Bank of Brigham City